Brussels in Three Hours or Less


Right, so I land in Brussels an hour later than expected, so my bucket list for Brussels was, in my opinion at the time, going to be one hell of a calling.

  1. See Manneken Pis
  2. Have three different beers in three different bars
  3. See the Town Square
  4. Eat Belgium Fries
  5. Try to only use French the entire time (boy, that was a struggle…)

So first things first, try to buy a train ticket to the city center. Found the ticket machine, was confused by the Flemish (thankfully there was a change language function) and bought quite possibly the most expensive 16km-journey train ticket in my life (17 Euros!).

The next tricky thing is, is that everything is written in Flemish or French at the train station in the airport. And no, I am not that well adept in either, especially after having spent the last few days in Southern Spain.










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